The Neon Demon by Cliff Martinez (Review)

The Neon DemonCliff Martinez’s aesthetic as a composer is unique and truly special. He never compromised his voice as a storyteller to fit the mold of Hollywood. Instead he found amazing filmmakers to work with whose visions were able to utilize his unique way of scoring. Nicolas Winding Refn found his working companion in Cliff Martinez when the two worked together on Drive. The film’s popular soundtrack was a hit amongst fans, and Cliff Martinez’s score was a perfect compliment to Refn’s vision. This continued on Only God Forgives, where again the marriage of image and sound seamlessly blended together. Here in The Neon Demon it seems Martinez and Refn have truly accomplished something beyond just memorable. The Neon Demon is one of the most masterful scores Cliff Martinez has ever written, and the sonic palette presented here absorbs you into the vivid imagery of Nicolas Winding Refn’s stylish thriller.

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