Cliff Martinez sends a warning:
‘The Knick’ season two will be ‘darker’

Cliff Martinez

Cliff Martinez is hard at work on the score for “The Knick” season 2 for Steven Soderbergh, is mulling music for Nicolas Winding-Refn’s “The Neon Demon” and has at least seen the script for Harmony Korine’s next “The Trap,” which is perhaps his next firm gig.
Those names have been, erm, instrumental to Martinez’ rise as an in-demand composer (though for some reason he just can’t seem to hold down those outside, one-off commercial projects, dang it). Weaving organic, odd instruments in with electronic sources, the musician/writer has found natural creative companions in equally odd, forward-thinking and intuitive directors.
Martinez has been in these pages before, after massaging a cold, macabre and grand score out of bloodlusty “Only God Forgives.” His electronic soundtrack for Cinemax period drama “The Knick” is so gorgeous, the tracks stand boldly on their own.  – by Katie Hasty

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