Interview: Composer Cliff Martinez (Sundance 2012)


One of the most exciting assignments I received was a chance to sit down with the incredible composer, Cliff Martinez. We met at the Sundance Film Festival Headquarters in the Park City Marriott Hotel. I was initially concerned because I knew this was the hub of the festival and finding a quiet place to chat would be close to impossible. We decided on speaking in this tranquil swimming pool area that had glassed ceilings giving us the warmth of indoor heating along with the beautiful sunlight from above. Cliff had just come back from an early morning screening and mentioned he was running on a few hours of sleep as his duties as a Jury Member of Sundance were starting to take its toll on Day 6 of the festival, however Cliff was pleased to sit down with me for this interview. We discussed his work on DRIVE, CONTAGION, his working relationships with his directors and his experience as a Jury member at Sundance 2012.  – Bradley Winston