Music Review: The Lincoln Lawyer Soundtrack Album by Cliff Martinez


The 41 minutes of Martinez’s score included on this album are much more thrilling than I expected them to be. There’s a constant undertone of dread and suspense that permeates every track of this album, but without tipping the vibe over into the type of paranoid action thriller scoring that sometimes result from this type of attempt. There seems to be a grim optimism playing out in the peppy rhythms that help maintain a positive vibe throughout the album despite the inherent darkness hanging over every note (listen to “I’m a Missionary Man” for a perfect example of this). The jumpy percussion in tracks like “Whose Side Are You On?” bring some unexpected levity to such an otherwise heavy score. Mixing in some digital effects with the guitar and other instruments gives the music a modern/urban feel that plays nicely into the image of the film. In the liner notes Martinez briefly comments on how seriously he took this score after seeing the film, and this dedication shows clearly in his music. – by Zach Freeman

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