Cliff Martinez To Score ‘Wolverine 3’


Cliff Martinez is probably best known for his scores for Nicolas Winding Refn and Steven Soderbergh, both of whom have been longtime collaborators with the composer. But even outside of working with those filmmakers, Martinez has mostly scored indie or smaller-budgeted studio fare, with more blockbuster-sized projects off his résumé. But that’s about to change. Later this summer, he’ll be bringing his distinctive sound to the action comedy/satire “War Dogs” starring Miles Tellerand Jonah Hill, and after that, he’s stepping into the comic-book world.

Martinez has been tapped to score James Mangold‘s upcoming “The Wolverine 3.” It’s certainly a surprising choice, and one that marks a decided step away from more traditional fare (Marco Beltrami scored 2013’s “The Wolverine“). But it’s perhaps an indication that Mangold is really going for broke creatively with the R-rating for the movie, and it’s not the first time he’s gone outside of traditional choices for film scores. Way, way back on his underrated, underseen debut feature “Heavy,” he got Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth to provide the score.

We certainly can’t wait to hear what Martinez comes up with for Hugh Jackman‘s final adventure as Logan, and we’ll find out on March 3, 2017. [Film Music Reporter]

Full article by Kevin Jagernauth at The Playlist

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